Aylor Replacement Project Update - June 19, 2018

The Frederick County School Board adopted a resolution during its meeting on June 19, 2018,  seeking a $45.5 million dollar appropriation from the Frederick County Board of Supervisors for the acquisition of land, design and construction of a replacement Robert E. Aylor Middle School.  The action came after the Supervisors adopted a resolution in May 2018 which essentially denied the School Board’s initial request for $52 million to build a 160,000 square foot Aylor replacement that would accommodate 900 students and noted a “willingness to consider” an appropriation of up to $45.5 million for the acquisition of land and construction of a replacement for Aylor provided several conditions were met.  Those conditions included that the new facility would not exceed 140,000 square feet and would serve 900 students.    

The resolution adopted by the School Board noted the Board’s willingness to consider the conditions outlined in the Supervisors’ May resolution.  The School Board’s resolution also stated, “Based upon market conditions and the funds appropriated for the project, the Board shall construct the school to accommodate the greatest number of students and possible future expansion without affecting the ability to implement current instructional pedagogy and the integration of technology.”