Aylor Replacement Project Update - July 24, 2018

The School Board and Frederick County Board of Supervisors held a joint meeting on July 24, 2018, to discuss the School Board’s request for funding to replace Robert E. Aylor Middle School. 
School Board Chairman John Lamanna reviewed the planning process involved with the Robert E. Aylor Middle School replacement project and the rationale behind the Board’s initial request for $52 million to purchase land and construct a replacement school totaling 160,000 square feet with a program capacity of 900 students. Dr. Lamanna stated the resolution adopted by the Board in February seeking the $52 million appropriation noted that should the Supervisors not provide the funds needed to construct a 160,000 square foot school based on market conditions, the capacity of the replacement Aylor Middle School would be reduced below 900 and the school division’s ability to proactively address enrollment growth would be limited. Dr. Lamanna shared some of the concerns the School Board has with building a replacement school that only totals 140,000 square feet. He noted that a school of that size would be the smallest middle school in Frederick County and could not appropriately accommodate 900 students while providing the types of learning spaces needed now and in the future.  

Schools Superintendent David Sovine, Assistant Superintendent for Administration Al Orndorff and members of the School Board responded to questions and comments from members of the Board of Supervisors prior to the meeting being adjourned.  

At its meeting on July 25, 2018, the Board of Supervisors requested another joint meeting with the School Board to discuss the Aylor Middle School replacement project and asked that school officials be prepared to share information regarding the benefits of collaborative learning spaces during that meeting.