Aylor Replacement Project Update - March 19, 2019

During the March 19 meeting, the School Board’s Buildings and Grounds Committee received an update on the Robert E. Aylor Middle School Replacement Project from Ben Motley with RRMM Architects and George Nash with Branch Builds. RRMM Architects has been contracted to provide professional architectural and engineering services for the planning, design and construction administration of the new school. Branch Builds is the construction manager for the project.

During his presentation, Mr. Motley reminded the committee of the project schedule and budget noting that both are inflexible. He stated the total appropriation for the project is $45.5 million and includes a construction budget of $38 million and a soft cost budget (land, design fees, surveys, tests, furniture and equipment, contingencies) of $7.5 million. Mr. Motley added that the preliminary gross square footage (base requirements) for the school is 134,000 square feet (rounded) with an initial enrollment target of 700 students. He added that the school is being designed for a potential future enrollment capacity of 900 to 1,000 students.

Mr. Motley reviewed the schematic design for the site plan and building. He also detailed how the schematic design accounts for the need for possible future construction to expand the building’s capacity.

Mr. Nash also commented on the project and complimented the school division for the collaborative process that’s being used to inform the design for the building. He also commented on the value of the school division’s commitment to providing adequate space for career and technical education programs in the design of the new school.

Following the presentation, Assistant Superintendent for Administration Al Orndorff reminded the committee that although great progress has been made, the replacement Robert E. Aylor Middle School project is still early in the pre-construction phase.

Mass Model - Robert E. Ayor Middle School Replacement Preliminary Schematic Design March 19, 2019