Bullying Prevention Program


  • Staff encourages all students to report bullying
  • Administrators make every attempt to contact the parents of both parties (target and perpetrator)
  • Character Education Traits - activities are organized at every school
  • Students are surveyed and feedback is used to monitor the progress of our program
  • Public Service Announcements are broadcast on Channel 18

Division-wide Activities

  • Staff training in every school building, as needed
  • Regular training for bus drivers
  • Quarterly Bullying Prevention Program staff meetings at the administration building. Meetings are attended by school administrators from each elementary, middle and high school
    • Discuss bullying concerns
    • Share successful bullying prevention activities among schools
  • Bullying Prevention activities at every school


FCPS Bullying Prevention Brochure

Kidpower - Resources for parents and kids

Stopbullying.gov - Resources for kids

StopCyberBullying - What cyber bullying is, how it works and how to understand and deal with cyber bullies

Operation Respect - Creating safe, compassionate environments for children and youth