Special Instructional Services Staff

Dr. Michele Williams-Sandy, Director of Special Instructional Services, ext. 88113
Maria Neidrick, Assistant Director of Special Instructional Services, ext. 88146


  • Craig Archer, ext. 88208 - Elementary School (Gainesboro Greenwood Mill, Indian Hollow, Middletown, Orchard View, Stonewall)
  • Wendi Thousand, ext. 88258 - Elementary School (Apple Pie Ridge, Armel, Bass-Hoover, Evendale, Jordan Springs, Redbud Run, NREP), Communities of Leaders in Autism (CoLA) Rep.
  • Kerry Mueller, ext. 88225 - Middle School, Individual Service Plans (ISP), MS Eligibility
  • Marlies Mulckhuyse, ext. 88130 - High School, 504, HS Eligibility
  • Dr. Suzy Nichols, ext. 88167 - Eligibility, Educational Surrogates

Transition Specialist

  • Sue Boyce, ext. 88129 - Communities of Leaders in Autism (CoLA) Rep., Project Search, Transition Pk-12

Behavior Specialists

  • Christyn Everly, ext. 88215 (Lead Teacher)
  • Ashley Hawkins, ext. 88172
  • Laurel Jones-Purdy, ext. 88173

Private Placement Specialist

  • Jamison Olinger, ext. 88269

Support Staff

  • Kendra Fansler, Bookkeeper, ext. 88255 (Budget and Purchasing, Medicaid Billing, Financial Reports)
  • Lisa Pruett, Secretary, ext. 88126 (Secretarial Support to Dr. Michele Williams-Sandy and Maria Neidrick, Juvenile Detention Center Budget and Reports, Adult Detention Center Budget and Reports)
  • Cindy Whetzel, Secretary, ext. 88127 (Secretarial Support, Special Education Records)
  • Vacant, Secretary, ext. 88153 (Secretarial Support, Eligibility Clerical Support, Special Education Forms Requests)
  • Erin Jenkins, Secretary, ext. 88183 (Secretarial Support, Receives Completed IEPs and 504s, Data Entry for Special Education Reports, IEP System Help Desk Questions (GEMS))

Educational Diagnosticians

  • Anne McGough, ext. 88185 (Apple Pie Ridge, Gainesboro, Indian Hollow, Stonewall, Frederick County Middle, James Wood High)
  • Joy Pitcher, ext. 88121 (Armel, Evendale, Middletown, Orchard View, James Wood Middle, Sherando)
  • Katherine Rayburn, ext. 88124 (Bass-Hoover, Greenwood Mill, Redbud Run, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Robert E. Aylor, Millbrook)

School Psychologists

  • Mackenzie Courtney, ext. 88122 (Middletown, Sherando)
  • Melissa Ferrebee, ext. 88268 (Indian Hollow, James Wood Middle)
  • Scott Gessner, ext. 88218 (Bass-Hoover, Armel)
  • Jennifer Ghafoori, ext. 88275 (Apple Pie Ridge, Robert E. Aylor)
  • Rebecca Hardy, ext. 88274 (Orchard View, James Wood High)
  • Brenda Harvey, ext. 88190 (Redbud Run, Millbrook)
  • Deborah Kimball, ext. 88217 (Evendale, Greenwood Mill)
  • Buffie Kulton, ext. 88174 (Jordan Springs,, Stonewall)
  • Christy Mitchell, ext. 88207 (Admiral Richard E. Byrd)
  • Dawn Richardson, ext. 88149 (Orchard View, Frederick County Middle)

School Social Worker

  • Donna Brown, ext. 88182

Parent Resource Center

  • Susie Gerometta, 540-665-0103